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Neoteny and the unfinished human metamorphosis

Return to paradise. Post-traumatic syndrome of humanity.

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Free reflections on true freedom.

Return to paradise. Post-traumatic syndrome of humanity. The madness of mankind as a consequence of the millennial state of post-traumatic stress syndrome. Getting rid of the madness as the first step to return to paradise.

The main thesis.
The contradictoriness of human thinking and behavior as a manifestation of post-traumatic stress syndrome, which is present in the human soul and humanity since the expulsion from Paradise to the present day. Prolonged post-traumatic syndrome state led to the transformation of madness in the norm, the perception of madness as the norm. The situation can be changed only after the adoption of this fact and reaching of change of the norm, eradication of all the consequences of millennial experience of post-traumatic madness, deliverance of the mankind from it.

In continuation of reflections on an incomplete metamorphosis one can ask oneself the question - what had happened to people after they have been "expelled from paradise," but rather, when they were forced to go through something that was so terrible and had so grave consequences that remains in human memory as a "loss of paradise" or "expulsion from paradise?"
It is difficult to answer this question and say what happened at the time when a person was losing paradise and was being forced to find what he lives till this day. Therefore, we restrict ourselves to the assumptions that may be useful in the research process, or at least to attract more attention to the topic - contradictions of human behavior.

To begin with, we try to imagine what the actual events could form the basis of the appearance of an image of "paradise lost" and could cause the events that led to the loss of paradise?

1. The first group of reasons - changes in environmental parameters.
That is, the reason for the loss of paradise, or expulsion from paradise could be independent from man, appearance of new parameters of environment to which a person was adapted not so good and therefore to new conditions, he was able to show only part of his natural potential and his physiological abilities and opportunities.
These parameters of the environment may be, for example:
- Speed of the Earth's rotation on its axis, respectively - the force of gravity on the Earth's surface,
- The composition of Earth's atmosphere,
- The distance between Earth and the Moon or the Earth-Sun
- The power of the state of Earth's magnetic field,
- The thickness and composition of Earth's atmosphere,
- Air temperature, solar radiation force and much more.
2. The second group of factors - the impact of human activities. That is, the loss of paradise has occurred as a result of improper actions of earthlings so that their efforts have broken some kind of balance in nature and have started the process of changes in it that caused the global catastrophe and change the parameters of the human environment.
Variants of these actions:
- An armed clash between different groups of people with weapons of mass destruction, which changed the status of the human environment on a large scale,
- An artificial impact on the environment for resource extraction,
- An artificial impact on the environment to change the environment and benefit from this proposed use, including the Earth's rotation rate, the slope of the axis of rotation, or location of the poles and much more.
3. The third group of factors - the impact of other civilizations of extraterrestrial origin.
That is, the loss of paradise was the result of deliberate and planned impact on the Earth of other living beings, unknown to us living on Earth or beyond the Earth. In this case the impact could be non-permanent or may continue to this day, remaining invisible to us.
- One of the myths hinting about it said that there were beings that consider people their competitors, knowing that people by nature are more valuable and extensive powers than themselves, and do not wish that man was able to find all of these abilities and to realize in full. So they keep the process of human development under control, forcing people to evolve so that the most important human abilities were not disclosed and used by human civilization ever.
- The second variant of the same group of causes, based on the opposite myth, saying that there were creatures, which are of a higher level than people, control the development of civilization in order to facilitate the identification of all the best of human abilities ad opportunities. They do everything in power so that people would show and use the best things their nature has endowed as quickly as possible.
- The third variant presupposes the simultaneous existence of the first two. That is, some high beings struggle to deprive mankind are the best prospects, which he was offered by Nature, the other - for ensuring that these prospects would certainly have been reached by us, humans.

4. Certainly there may be other reasons for the group. But for our purposes the above-mentioned items are enough. We do not plan to evaluate these options. Our aim is to find something useful in practice these assumptions.

What benefits can be obtained from the reflections of a lost paradise?

From this perspective, the first two variants are important similarities. Let us leave aside the third variant, where purposeful and controlled by another reason outward influence plays a major role. It is worth to think about it in other topic.
In the first two variants, we assume that the main events took place long before us. And for a long time we have been staying in relatively stable environments. We are accustomed to them and therefore do not know how they correspond to our nature, which components of the environment is lacking or what we have in abundance.
But probably every person who knows the legend of heaven and of its loss wants there, in paradise, once again, wants to return lost power, abilities, restore the state of being, self-awareness, which was present in those heavenly times.
What can be done with regard for the natural desire?
To move forward, we need an adequate understanding of where we are now. That is, it is necessary to estimate the current state of being human, to emphasize its important characteristics and then to find a way to change this state.

The analogy with post-traumatic stress syndrome.

I think that a lot of in the human behavior during the last millennium reminds of universal manifestation of the global post-traumatic stress syndrome.
When we talk about an individual, the duration of the manifestations of the syndrome depends on what was the strength and duration of the experience of a catastrophic event that occurred to him.
It was recorded many times as an earthquakes or a volcanoes destroy thousands of families, sometimes demolish hundreds of thousands of lives, maiming the fate of individuals, their soul, mind, behavior and thinking for a long time, for several years, sometimes for decades, sometimes for life however would it lasts.
And what people have experienced during the glacial periods, when the cold was advancing, conquering vast expanses and forcing people to change the environment, living conditions, traditions, quality and content of communication between people?
Today, small fluctuations in atmospheric pressure affect on many sensitive people. And what if the range of pressure fluctuations will double or triple? And what if frequency will be changed as well? And what if the duration of this unstable state would be not a day or two, and not even a week, but dozens, hundreds of years?
What will happen to the people, to their condition, if hundreds of years it will be a constant seismic activity on the Earth, with lots of earthquakes and active volcanoes?
What will happen to people who will have to live tens or hundreds of years in darkness, in the conditions of unstable air temperature, among the continuous storms, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornados, in the absence of food, shelter, opportunity to settle down somewhere for a few years and to organize community life, education of the younger generation, to ensure transfer of knowledge, cultural traditions and standards of the interrelations?

Won’t all the people in a state of post-traumatic stress syndrome?
I think that is quite possible.
Let's check it out the example of several basic features of post-traumatic syndrome.
1. Ungrounded caution.
2. Ungrounded heated reaction to events.
3. Dullness, lethargy emotions.
4. Aggressiveness, not corresponding to the situation.
5. Reduction in memory, quality of concentration of attention.
6. Depression, dispiritedness without specific reasons.
7. Anxiety without specific reasons.
8. Recurrent bouts of rage, wanton aggression.
9. Propensity to abuse various drugs.
10. Tendency to sink into the memories spontaneously, without conscious desire.

These are qualities that are observed in individuals in the state of post-traumatic stress.

But doesn’t all of the above-mentioned characterize the life of mankind during the past thousands of years?

Let's check all the listed items in more detail.

So, the first point: ungrounded caution.
How many countries in the world, day and night are engaged in an increase in the number of weapons, suggesting that other countries can attack them? In addition, each side suspects the bad intentions of other countries and as result all countries without exception, are arming and considered by neighbors and others as potential aggressors.
How many people live in constant expectation of some unpleasant experiences, without any reason?
Why are so many films are filled with anxiety, fear, invented horrific events.
May it be because the people have unmotivated alertness?
And what can you say about ubiquitous fear of God's punishment?
And what about belief in the existence of hell, which at any time, tries to hurt person and do with him something bad?
Even this fear of the devil would be enough to consider that ungrounded caution is present in almost all people having the different forms of fear of "evil spirits" in different cultures, but not only it. And this caution has many other forms of expression.
You can list them a lot. And I shall eventually add more examples here both my own and those ones what will be prompted by my acquaintances and the readers of this article.

The second point: ungrounded heated reaction to events.
How many people in the world kill and main each other every day without any particular reasons, as a result of random differences and misunderstanding by one man's true intentions of another? It happens in the streets, at home and in the families, practically everywhere. Number of victims of heated reaction when added to their number those who were offended by the words, hit, hurt, killed, would be probably tens of millions per day.
Is it little?
Why do we, people, do this way? What is the reason for this state of affairs?
You know my version of the presumable answer. We are experiencing post-traumatic stress syndrome and has not yet emerged from its tenacious deadly embrace.

The third point: dullness, lethargy emotions.
I do not know about you, but I see dullness almost everyone. People do not know how to use their emotions to their destinations. They worked every day, refuse the enormous energy they had access in childhood, from the very energy that brought them in so much joy, delight, delight, excitement in childhood. Perhaps it is because of this energy days seem to children so long and full of events. Perhaps because of her children's mind are able to observe, understand, learn a tremendous amount of information that adults cannot.
Why an adult human life is organized so that they are forced to part with the emotional aspect of their nature to harm themselves?
My answer - the reason is in a state of post-traumatic stress syndrome.
Long ago adults have lost those traditional patterns of behavior, which included a presence of emotion, the availability of energy-richer ways of pastime. Although the physiological need of the human body is still preserved in this saturation. That's why there are strange and silly ways to compensate for lack of adult emotional part of life, such as fights, insults, artificial entry into a state of excitement through alcohol, drugs, risky behavior through unjustified, often resulting in death or injury. It also includes a tendency to increase the speed of motorists, a variety of extreme sports.
When there is a need for feeling strong emotions, but the sensitivity is very low, one have to increase force of external factors in order to satisfy this need. That's why I think the phenomena observed in the emotional life of people is confirmation of universal being in a state of post-traumatic stress syndrome.

The fourth point: aggressiveness, not corresponding to the situation.
This is what we have already mentioned a little earlier, in discussing ungrounded heated reaction in the second paragraph. Aggressiveness may be connected also with the repression of emotions, with the presence of causeless anxiety and internal fatigue, made as a result of centenarian efforts of those of our ancestors who had to fight for survival in extreme conditions.
They lived in a state of a compressed spring practically every day. Ad this state became gradually normal. Every child growing up copies the state in which he sees the surrounding adults throughout childhood. And finally he "puts on" this inner spring, strained to the limit. And he remains the owner of it for almost a lifetime.
Although there is no benefit of this internal stress in everyday life. On the contrary, it brings only miseries, conflicts, internal diseases and a reduction in life.

The fifth point: reduction in memory, quality of concentration of attention.
 Have you seen someone who is happy with his memory, the quality of your attention? I have not met a single person. How can you explain phenomenal abilities of some people, allowing them not only remember everything that happened to them that they had seen and heard, but thanks to the power of concentration of attention notice thousands of details that other people never notice?
Why so different abilities of people in such an important matter of survival, such as remembering and attention? What is the reason that a person loses memory and attention as he grows older?
Maybe it is because he has to copy all the components of the state of post-traumatic syndrome? They require a lot of strength, energy, time, create a complete confusion in the mind of man, and he is physically no longer able to order in your mind and in strongly-concentrated look at the world and himself.

Sixth point: depression, dispiritedness without specific reasons.
Who had never suffered from depression, dispiritedness without any specific reason? How many millions of people daily fall into such a state, not realizing what was happening to them and not wishing it?

Seventh point: the internal state of anxiety without specific reasons.
The same question once again. Have you seen someone who does not fall into this state regularly, almost every day? Haven’t you seen films, in which general cumulative unexplained anxiety as huge as an ocean become apparent?
How many happy moments of life could we survive, if not for immersion of people in this ocean of anxiety? How many reasons for joy and inspiration, for creative exploits, for sincere mutual feelings, for joint or individual experience of happiness could be found if we were not floundering in an ocean of causeless anxiety, snorting and barely sticking their noses out of water?

Eighth point: recurrent bouts of rage, wanton aggression.
We discussed it. Every day thousands of maiming children are proof that the common state of being passed on to us by our ancestors, lost their self-control once when they were under unbearable pressure of circumstances, ready to kill people every day.

Ninth point: propensity to abuse various drugs.
Emotional poverty of life, inability to feel the excitement and euphoria, blunting of the human physiological capabilities with a strong need for their satisfaction lead to the use of artificial means of redress. Man kills himself day after day as a being penned in a cage that locks itself into the cage and is doing everything to bring his death nearer.
It is because when people were driven out of Paradise, when some events happened to them (expulsion from Paradise) they had lost the ability to enjoy, were truly and deeply disappointed at life, not knowing how to explain what happens to them.

Tenth point: tendency to sink into the memories spontaneously, without conscious desire.
That is, the tendency to dive into unpremeditated memories.
This tendency is considered the most important feature of post-traumatic stress syndrome.
But the history of any nation and the country is half of these unpremeditated memories that are part of everyone's life and thus each person is going through mentally, emotionally and physically a number of tragedies that have occurred hundreds of years, and sometimes even thousands of years before his birth. Often these memories, talks about them, worries about them, become more real than the events themselves at the time in which people live. The events of the past, up to several thousands of years, have such an emotional supply of energy and strong influence on people, so that they often plan their lives and their attitude toward other people on the basis of their perception of these events, but not on the basis of what they can see around them. It often determines not only attitude of the certain people towards representatives of other nations, but also relations between the countries and nations.

We went through all 10 signs of the presence of post-traumatic stress syndrome. Can we be not agree that humanity as a whole one is in this state if we compare the human’s state  with the content of these 10 points? Don’t we, the people all together experience post-traumatic syndromes, suffering from the effects which are so far from our events? We are so accustomed to this state of causeless suffering that we are willing to do anything to support it in myself and in society – we think up causes of fear, arm and fight, killing each other in fear and in a fit of senseless aggression to experience stress, frustration once again and enjoy their submergence in this syndrome once again.
Let’s consider the dynamics of the state of post-traumatic syndrome of the mankind.
Over the last four or five million years people behaved madly, showed wanton anxiety, aggression, hypochondria, the heated reaction to even the most friendly gestures, attacked each other, killed, robbed, deceived, tortured, tormented each other. And it happened all the time, almost continuously, on the large and local scale.
It would seem that this process must come to an end soon and people will cease to fight and kill each other soon, will find a common language and come to an understanding.
But it does not happen.
In the twentieth century "nearly civilized" people kill each other with even greater ferocity and with more enthusiasm than in the previous 5000 years. The result is nearly 100 million people were killed by human hands. Still, we were expected the 21st century is sure to be different, that the military agility, of course, will go down and the mind as well as understanding will prevail.
However, the beginning of the 21st century promises nothing good. Tension in the world keeps growing and growing as well as the number of conflict situations and countries.
Why does it happen to us, people, to mankind?
I admit that there is one very important reason, which escapes out of sight of all those people who are sincerely interested in changing the status of those who sincerely wants to stop violent conflicts and to direct the creative potential of people and mankind as a whole to achieve reasonable and noble goals of complementary efforts.
I mean following the omission.
Usually the causes of conflicts, wars and conflicts between states, nations, the causes of crime between individuals, which resulted in destroyed, maimed millions of people a year, are sought to "conflict of interest." It is assumed that using concepts "knowingly and reasonable," they want to achieve something, and everyone is trying to force to secure an advantage at any cost, including the bloodshed, deceit, robbery, and much more.
However, it is this assumption that an "informed and reasonable" desire there is the main cause of failures when it comes to trying to explain what is happening.
There is no awareness or validity.
Humanity as a whole, as well as the vast majority of people is in an abnormal mental state, experiencing a very long lasting post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Goals, desires, means of achieving the goals, conclusions drawn after successful or unsuccessful attempts to achieve the goals and all the rest - do not contain any validity and any conscious choice. All this is display of deeper psychological disorders, lasting centuries and millennia. In other words this is a manifestation of insanity.
Accordingly, what do people who want to change situation in the world, to achieve a higher level of understanding, to achieve the renunciation of war, murders, and many other negative display of human communities and individuals need to do?
First they must face the truth and admit the obvious fact - the person individually and the mankind as a whole are in a state of insanity today and all the last few thousands of years.
What is the benefit of recognition of the folly of mankind?

Up to this day, for thousands of years, every smart, educated and kind man, when he is not in any particular crisis situation, dreaming about how to stop people killing each other, fighting, being ill, suffering, he wants people to be happy in other words. Many of them even devote their entire lives to dream will be come true. And they often sacrifice their lives for it.
We almost all want the good and justice, but we come to the wars and conflicts. And it goes on for several thousand years. Why?
Because we are base on false beliefs about ourselves, people, humanity and we choose false means to achieve the perfect goal.
For a good result and ever fully achievable someday, it is necessary to admit the folly of mankind, and do everything to make this admission became the first and the most important step to getting rid of this madness.
After all, it is wrong to expect that the two groups or 20 groups, or 2000 groups of madmen will live in peace due to the fact that each group has accumulated so many weapons, how much is enough to destroy the entire planet the Earth. The increased number of weapons cannot diminish any internal alarm, inclination to aggression, the number of meaningless desires and complaints. It is only slightly defers future conflict. But this postponement cannot be considered as a great success. Because the destructive potential of the parties grows with every minute and “successfully postpones conflict”, when it burst, will cause more chaos, death and suffering than you can imagine. That is, the benefits of admission of the state of insanity in people and mankind in general is that those who sees it, recognizes and admit it, will able to achieve the following things.

1. To fight against one’s own folly and defeat her.
Have admitted one’s folly one needs to direct more serious attention to oneself and devote one life to self-knowledge and liberation from this state.
2. To make madness of mankind generally accepted fact.
Planning processes of positive human scale, one need to take into account the existence of madness in people and adjust plans so that the madness would not be the main but invisible factor, so that it becomes well-known factor which will be taken into account to increase the probability of the set noble aims.
3. To achieve recognition of self-knowledge as the most important sphere of human activity.
One needs to achieve recognition of the need of training for every man, so that he would have a chance to become a real expert in this important field - in self-knowledge.
In one’s fight against crimes committed by individuals who are currently imprisoned for punishment and correction, one needs to give these criminals punished more effective assistance to help them get rid of his madness.
Similarly, one needs to help all people so that they do not become criminals. Through the promotion of effective efforts that can be applied every man for getting rid himself of the state of insanity.
Although it sounds too complicated and lengthy, but this is just about self-knowledge, careful, sequential accumulation and the development of the skills that derive from the practice of self-discovery.
Thus, self-knowledge should be an important standard component of every human life on the Earth thanks to the efforts of those who truly realizes his own folly and madness of mankind as a whole one.
Is it not amazing that people know so much about the laws of physics, and their manifestations in all kinds of matter, how to build a complex structure of different materials for different purposes, ranging from nuclear power stations to the spacecraft, but they were never able to realize the importance of self-knowing in the life of each person?
Why for over 10 years of school study self-knowing presets only as a fleeting shadow, flickering and disappearing before anyone has time to notice it? Why the slogan, "Know thyself" is known almost to everyone, but in the cultural tradition of modern civilization, particularly in Western tradition, this sphere of activity, in which according to very simple logic, every person is sure to be a specialist, is practically absent in people's everyday lives?
For me, this is a major sign of insanity of a mankind, and change the status in this matter is the main mechanism for defeating folly. In my opinion, every person has the right to become an expert in self-knowledge, first of all, and then - in all other areas. It is absolutely clear and there is nothing more useful and effective in the world then transformation of oneself and all the other people in real, passionate, inspired and successful specialists in self-knowledge both for individuals and countries as well, and civilization in general.
4. Redirect people's attention to the cause.
One needs to redirect people's attention to the fact that the punishment is more important than understanding the causes of what is happening and elimination of the causes.
One needs to change attitudes towards people and events, thanks to a more adequate understanding of the causes, the diversion of public attention in the direction of reasons. One needs to make possible not filled with hate and anger at a meeting with another manifestation of the madness in the form of injustice, cruelty, greed, meanness, and so on. Instead of hatred all these phenomena should give rise to man a sympathetic attitude towards those who are forced to behave this way, because everyone will be clear - these miserable people are not in a normal mental state for that behavior. First of all they suffer because of it. One needs to redirect people's attention to the cause to reinforce the habit of remembering his own state; one should take care of, to not display till tomorrow what today distress at other people’s behavior.
5. To find and restore the ability of those people who were suppressed, distorted, or completely lost as a result of immersion in a state of madness.
Memory, attention, intelligence, sensitivity, and an ear for music, physical strength, will, sense of beauty, the ability to influence ones health with the help of imagination… it's just a small list of those abilities, which may have very different forms of display in people, if we can save them from madness, pull them out of her embrace.
After all, as a result of this deliverance a person will survive a complete metamorphosis and we can assume that he will become fundamentally different being close to our conception of the ideal, and maybe even superior to those submissions.
If the fact of existence of human abnormal state of being, that is, the fact of insanity, is generally accepted, self-knowledge will become the main specialty of each person and if we can find possible to complete the metamorphosis of man the joint efforts, it will return this man to heaven.
Is it difficult to achieve all this?

It is difficult to get rid of folly, to recover from post-traumatic stress syndrome, to complete its metamorphosis to find integrity, maximum perfection and become the owner of all the abilities and capabilities, which Nature has endowed man in his original plan?
Many people will immediately begin to insist that it is not just difficult but almost impossible in every way.
And I want to say that this is a lie.
It is difficult to be mad and suffer the consequences of the presence of such a state of mind.
It is difficult to kill oneself and other people in wars and fights, to kill oneself senselessly with internal torments, suffering from the pangs of conscience, heart-rending emotions, doubt, greed, desire for unquenchable desire to have everything, from vanity and a lack of honesty with oneself, from the physical diseases that are often caused by these internal torments.
It is difficult to live without self-knowledge, repeating the same mistakes thousands of times and bringing to oneself a million non-binding miseries and sufferings.
All this is much harder than the targeted increase in the value of self-knowledge in human culture, than the acceptance of madness as a standard state of man and society, and acceptance of the importance of getting rid of this madness, than the ever-growing adoption of measures needed to get rid of it successfully and approach the state of perfection to complete metamorphosis.
Scientists around the world should unite their efforts to accelerate the return of man and mankind in paradise.
They should devote thousands times as much time as they do usually to study man, his psyche, physiology, and his feelings, desires, studying philosophy, its components, roles, the study of everything that will recreate the image of the norm of the state of being, thinking, feeling, which was once lost, and that was the most important loss in our history.
Search of the state of the person who is in heaven, and ways to restore, recreate this state is the best goal for science and for a mankind as a whole.
Positive results of this search will be a real, worthy man, re-creation of paradise on earth. This paradise is open to people who expect it.
A man, though created for the acquisition of the mind, yet is only a potentially reasonable.
Concluding his metamorphosis, being in paradise, he will be truly reasonable creature.
Yes, a man once lost his most important, the natural, full value state of being. But he is able to find this state again and return it to himself to be back in paradise with all the people who created it for the World-Nature-Universe-the Creator-The primary cause.

Recognition of people’s madness, recognition of post-traumatic stress syndrome, which affects virtually all people and a mankind as a whole, may be very important and useful step in the return of man to heaven.

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