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The Reason of the Universe

The Mission of the Reason of the Universe and that of Humans, the Mission of Mankind

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The Mission of the Reason of the Universe and that of Humans, the Mission of Mankind

We concluded the previous deliberation by the following sentence:
“One of the aspects potentially aspiring to the primary cause of the existence of reason in the Universe, as regards the search of such a cause, can be the aspect of influencing the order and regularity of different parts of the Universe.”

The mission of Reason is to ensure order and harmony in the Universe

If we go back to the parallels found in a phenomenon like gravitation, then the following assumption appears to be quite interesting and realistic. Exactly the same way as gravitation ensures the wholeness of the Universe by way of mutual attraction of its parts and influences the movement of planets, stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, reason, being an attribute of systems existing in the Universe and an attribute of the Universe itself, ensures the existence of order and rationality utilizing its ability to influence the situation throughout the Universe.
If the issue of expediency on the scale of the Universe is not currently discernible by the human intellect, the local aspects of this issue, say related to the mission of the humankind and human intellect, can rightfully become the goal of our deliberations. Who else should think about it, if not us? :)

The role of the humanity in the biosphere, the ecosystem of the Earth

Let’s consider the human being as a constituent part of the biosphere, of the Earth’s ecosystem. We can detect one amazing and obvious characteristic. Neither individuals nor the humankind as a whole are needed by the biosphere at all. On the scope of the planet Earth, we participate in no ecosystems, whether local or general, as a link component and perform no specific useful function. Receiving energy from the Nature through food, heat, oxygen for breathing and water, getting capabilities that enhance our possibilities quite significantly with every year and even every minute, we give nothing in return to the Nature. Isn’t it surprising? How come?

Why all the creatures, starting by infusoria and ending by elephants, whales, entire oceans, forests, deserts, lakes and rivers, all the living creatures closely interact and are mutually conditioned within concrete food or energy chains while human beings, as a total exception, fall out from the sphere of influence of the said law of interdependency and mutual complementarily.
How did it happen that the Nature, so wise and provident, has made such an incomprehensible and completely incredible exception just like that? Humans are admittedly not something insignificant on our planet. They are exactly the creatures who currently bear responsibility for the destiny of the entire planet and all the other living creatures. Why then do humans fall out from under the influence of the laws determining the lives of all the other living creatures?

Nature’s expectations from the mankind

It is quite possible that such a strange treatment of human beings on the side of the Nature is connected with the fact that those expectations exceed the boundaries of the Earth. This is exactly the reason why the planet is so patient towards the humankind and toward how insolently and roughly they treat the environment. The Planet tolerates, because it expects from its offspring named humankind something it can expect from no one else. The Planet expects from humankind its own salvation! This is precisely why it has been forgiving the humans their foolishness and their active destructiveness. This is exactly why it has endowed people with abilities that no other living creature possesses. The destructive power of humans should gradually transform into the creative power of saving their fatherland, the planet Earth, against the undesirable penetration of space objects into the Solar System and against the devastation of the Earth’s ecosystem, against the destruction of the balance of the Solar System as a whole. The reason of the universe, as localized in the reason of the Sun and the Earth, influences the human intellect in a manner that we are able to succeed in gaining capabilities and possibilities necessary for the protection of the Earth, the Sun and other planets of the Solar System.

The principal mission of the humankind

I assume that this is precisely one of the key predestinations, if not the crucial mission of mankind. The Solar System and the Earth try, via humankind, to obtain the level of mental power and the form of intelligence which is capable to withstand the imminent chaos. They have existed for a significantly long time, and by means of the gravitational field reaching out practically infinitely far away, they are able to “see” the peril moving towards us. It can be a solid cosmic object of huge dimensions or a whole clump of fragments of cosmic objects, or a high density dust cloud with a mass exceeding hundreds or even thousands of times that of the Sun. Or maybe another type of matter, whether gas, plasma etc. It is hard to precisely describe something that we don’t know but what is already sensed by our parents, the Sun and the Earth. It is possible that the accelerated pace of technical progress is due to the Sun's, Earth's and other planets' wish to counter the impending danger.

Human reason as a partial manifestation of the Sun’s and Earth’s reason

If our assumption is correct, then the reason of mankind, as a partial manifestation of the reason of the Solar System, as a phenomenon, goes beyond the framework of the Earth, and the compensation which the Nature expects is also of a different scale and different form not encountered within the ecosystem of our Planet.
The sooner the mankind realizes its mission and what the Nature, the parents - the Sun and the Earth - expect from it, the grater will the chances be that it will accomplish its mission. Life has been given to us, and we know how strong the desire of humans to survive is. Accordingly, we can surmise how strong the desire of the Sun, the Earth and of the other planets of the Solar System is to continue to exist. All of us are living creatures and all of us love life, and also those who have granted it to us, our parents. We have been lucky that our parents are so strong and that we are their main hope, thus getting the opportunity to imbibe all those abilities they can convey to us. The Sun, the Earth and the planets have been trying to express their intellect via humankind, and people have been lucky in this regard as compared with other living creatures.
The reckless behavior of the humankind, wars, sufferings, the devastation of the environment, all this can be conditioned by the fact that our Parents themselves do not know yet if they will be able to succeed in getting ready for the upcoming trials and if they will be able to find and demonstrate through us those attributes that are necessary to stand those trials.
If it were not the case, humans would not need technical means, knowledge of nuclear technologies, rocket science, knowledge of the laws of the Universe which have no substantial influence on their lives, knowledge of sectors of the Universe where they will probably never get. Humans would live the same way as other animals; they would fulfill their simple role in the food and energy chains and would only understand which grass to eat and how to escape lions, tigers and wolves.
The knowledge that manifests itself through us and which we consider as our own, has its purpose and expediency, carries with itself its responsibility and embodies its hope.
Thinking about it, having realized it, the mankind can become another, more organized, more consolidated and effective in solving the global tasks it faces, for the sake of its own survival and in helping the Sun, the Earth and the Solar System to endure as well. Realizing its mission, realizing that the mankind is obliged to the Universe, and particularly the Sun and the Earth for its abilities and skills should allow us to regard each other not as enemies but as irreplaceable friends. No one knows how unique the contribution of each individual person can be into the common cause of the deliverance of the mankind. This is because no one knows through whom the Sun, the Earth and the other planets, and ultimately the Galaxy itself, are going to reveal their new hunches, their new knowledge. :)

The childhood and adulthood of the humankind

Only after the humankind realizes its mission, it will become mature. Before, the mankind was like a kid who not knowing who itself was, what it could, what was allowed and what was not, tried everything it could exploring its belly button, genitals, shooting out of everything that would come to hand, indulging itself with everything pleasant it could imagine.

The humankind’s mission, how it is going to be accomplished

At present, it is hard to guess how our common mission will be accomplished. : ) Different alternatives are possible. For example, in the course of the next hundreds of years, we may create a large protection zone around the Solar System by deploying a kind of cannons at a sufficient distance from the Sun that would shoot nuclear shells or emit beams or use other means of transfer of energy in order to change the trajectory of the objects jeopardizing the stability of the Solar System or its existence ahead of time.

The path of the Sun, changing the Sun’s path by using human efforts

A more difficult alternative is the following: we create a gravitational technology enabling us to change the path of the Solar System in order to avoid certain zones of the Galaxy having such properties that are undesirable for the Sun and the Solar System as a whole as well as for life on the Earth and the human life in particular. These zones of the Galaxy can contain highly dense matters, dust, gases or can lie on the way of some special beams emanating from the center of the Galaxy or from neighboring stars… One could name a lot of other possible undesirable characteristics. How mankind will manage to regulate the path of the Sun and whether it will be able to do so is a question. But the important thing is to be aware of the fact already today that it is going to be the expression of the wish of the Sun itself to change its trajectory with the aid of the mankind which is just its tiny particle. Such a realization is quite useful for grasping the scale of the phenomenon and the primary source of intellect’s power in this particular case. Because such a realization helps the mankind neither to proud itself filling itself with thoughtless pride and self-conceit and, at the same time, nor to panic or suffer from inferiority complex. Since everything good that we possess is the manifestation of the good the Sun and the Earth have wanted to have and put across, and only they can be proud, if they choose to do something stupid like that. :)

The capabilities of the humankind, the scope of those capabilities

Meanwhile, our capabilities, the possibilities that we are in the position to manage, correspond to the force, power and the duration of the existence and scope of the sphere of the Sun’s and planets perception.
And such ability will simply mean another stage in the development of the Sun itself similar to the observable fact when a human baby first crawls, then learns to walk, run and then ride a bicycle, a car or even fly an airplane or a rocket! :)

The Sun’s path in the Galaxy, possibilities of changing the Sun’s trajectory

One of the possible ways of the arbitrary change of the path of the Sun can be the discovery of new knowledge regarding gravitation that will allow creating gravitational whirls influencing the gravitational force in a directed manner. For example, if it is accomplished and the mankind installs the corresponding pieces of equipment in different parts of the space around the Sun, they can “push” the Sun as needed directing it closer to the center of the Galaxy or away from it or above the surface of the Galaxy’s rotation or below it depending on whatever is needed for maintaining equilibrium in the Solar System, preserving the Sun’s life as well as the life of the planets and that on the Earth.

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