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Semantic Feedback

Everyone lives in a world he/she had presented himself/herself.

The world, which appears in the eyes of every child, to the extent of its transformation into an adult, is individual and painted with the colours that fall into his hands at different moments of life.
That which is called physical reality is just part of the world.
There is a semantic world, world of ideas, expectations, values, desires, doubts, taboos.
In this world there are no less important subjects, landscapes, entire mountains, the heavenly bodies, the zones which are available or not available for transmission.
It's a world where concepts such as love, beauty ideal, happiness, good, evil, courage and cowardice, honesty and meanness, loyalty and betrayal, ambition and humility are formed and live.

The realities of the world affect everyone's life every day and every hour.

They create a certain mood; bring joy or suffering, happiness or disappointment equally with the material, visible and familiar to him the world.
The difference is that person remains blind regarding this reality almost all the life. He cannot and do not have time to look around himself in the semantic world to evaluate the accuracy of his ideas, to check the quality of the constructions that have appeared in his own semantic world, day after day, during all life. Frequently there are integers impenetrable labyrinths piled insoluble contradictions and problems. They put pressure on a person every day, limit his capabilities, transforming him into a lost traveler - the sufferer, who has wings, but no eyes to see, where to go.
So we want to offer a method of Semantic Feedback (SF) as a tool by which everyone can visualize the semantic world in which he lives, without unnecessary haste to probe and get acquainted with the terrain, which determines his daily life, his motives, his sense of self, a sense of expectations of ourselves and the world...

The essence of the method of SF

- consideration of any relevant person to abstracts, statements, concepts, most closely on all sides, in order to understand their true meaning and the correction of this meaning in accordance with the knowledge, personal experiences, stored until use of the SF.
Examples of SF will be added on the site gradually, as semi comic questions about specific aphorisms.
Anyone can use this method, and shake himself to get up, open his eyes to a world that is invisible, but present in every word coming out of his mouth.

The main problem of mankind today is the communicative problem.

The person often does not know how to get along with himself communication between his body, heart, mind and soul and with the world, other people and the Universe ...Without this skill it will hardly be able to make contact and qualitative benevolent interaction. Accordingly there will be causes for conflicts and clashes, for mutual destruction and causing pain to oneself and one’s loved ones.
Nobody wants it.
But no one knows how to avoid it.
SF - Semantic Feedback - one of the options.

To escape from the labyrinth of confusion, ones must turn on the light. Especially, if there is a switch at hand. Reason is the light that can illuminate the unseen world, to show it the best footpaths and bring back a man to where it is possible to realize the best of human predestination.

Which one - everyone can learn oneself. :)

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