Freedom - the top man's way or the first step to wisdom?

The Reason of the Universe

The Mission of the Reason of the Universe and that of Humans, the Mission of Mankind

Neoteny and the unfinished human metamorphosis

Return to paradise. Post-traumatic syndrome of humanity.

Freedom as a Main Value. The Cause. The Effect. The Conclusions. Freedom or Meaning. “Freedom” as informal “god” of mankind.

Free reflections on true freedom.


The project is dedicated to visualization of ideological essences that are not less important for a man than that reality he sees around him and can orientate himself in.

Values, notions about oneself and the world, desires, the reasons of these desires, the meaning of these desires, stereotypes, fears, dreams, hopes, faith… a lot of components of the ideological space which we call semantic for comfort.
We shall look around, revealing the silhouettes of some objects, and try to embrace with eyes the whole one which looms due to the detected silhouette.

Mind, human predestination, paradise, the expulsion of man from paradise, suffering, happiness, love, sin, punishment, wisdom, meaning, success, freedom, independence, crime, good, evil, ideal, realism, idealism ... There are a lot of vague outlines.
On an example of how these outlines here gain some more concrete forms in the eyes of one person, other people might try similar actions in their own worldview and semantic space, so there is less dark mist and more light every day.
Check out the "
Semantic Feedback" (SF).

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